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Why You Should Partner Up for Your Turkey Hunt

There’s something about turkey hunting with friends and family members.

The solo hunt for toms is rewarding…but it's even better when you have a friend to share in the pursuit. For one, it’s just fun to head out together and go through the preparation and hunt as a pair or group. Real memories that last a lifetime are made in the process…and you often get a beautiful bird as an end result. Win-win. Why You Should Partner Up for Your Turkey Hunt

Maybe it’s the early mornings together.

Maybe it’s the echo of the Winchester Long Beard XR ammunition.

Maybe it’s walking through the field with a bird on your back and someone by your side.

Hunting with a buddy or family member can also serve as a strategic way to help your hunt. If one is holding the Winchester SX3 and the other is working the mouth call, you both can focus on excelling at the specific task at hand. You can also play around with the distance to trick the gobblers. Your friend can call the toms in while moving around the woods (not too much of course given any turkey will bust you with their keen eyesight), varying the distance to mimic a hen on the move. An interested tom will follow the sound, and your buddy will draw the bird toward you for a perfect shot with your Long Beard XR ammunition of choice.

Turkey hunting together adds a whole new element of fun and strategy. Plus it’s a great way to get youth hunters hooked to the outdoor way of life. The quick action and immediate responses from the birds is satisfying for young and seasoned hunters alike.

You call. They answer.

But don’t worry….you’ll get the last word with Winchester.

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Chris Keefer
Chris Keefer
Chris loves to chase big game in Alaska with brother Casey and spends a ton of time doing just that. When not there or in the planning stages of the next hunt, he enjoys a sunny day round of golf back home in his native Michigan.

As co-host of Winchester Life, he feels it his responsibility to help you find your own definition of the outdoors. He takes this responsibility very seriously and will take the rest of his working life fulfilling this quest. He can go from adventurous woodsman to sharp-dressed dinner guest in no time at all.