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Winchester 400 Legend logo

The Next Chapter in the Legend

Introducing the 400 Legend, featuring a 215 grain Power-Point bullet. It's the latest high-performing straight-walled cartridge from Winchester. This cartridge offers deep penetration, excellent accuracy and quick knockdown, making it ideal for hunters and sport shooters alike. With high velocity and low recoil, the 400 Legend gives you the power and precision you need for your next time out.

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Winchester 400 Legend box and ammo

The 400 Legend is built to deliver incredible ballistics for the most optimum hunting situations including:

Energy Equivalent to 450 Bushmaster with 20% Less Recoil
Over 20% More Energy than a 30-30 WIN and 25% More Energy than 350 Legend, with Greater Penetration
100% More Energy than a 12-Gauge slug at 100 yards
55% Less Recoil than a 12-Gauge slug