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It’s Time to Hunt Roooooosters!

South Dakota is best known for some exceptional things; Mount Rushmore, my mother’s incredible cooking and pheasant hunting. And when it comes to hunting pheasants, we can coin South Dakota as the pheasant hunting capital of the world, given its rich pheasant resources.

It’s Time to Hunt Roooooosters!

Being born and raised in this great state has made this pastime a favorite hobby of mine for more than 35 years. In fact, it’s a favorite to thousands of hunters from all over the world. I’ve been fortunate to experience many situations afield when pheasant hunting and also learned that the gear I choose to use can make a big difference ... especially when it comes to ammunition.

Benny Spies holding a pheasant

Before heading out to chase roosters this season, here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right upland ammunition.

To start, consider weather conditions, especially wind, the range of your shots, the time of year are you hunting (early-, mid- or late-season), are you hunting public or private ground and what type of shotgun/choke you are holding in hand.

When picking the perfect ammo, I like to keep things simple. I feel a shell that’s universal to all weather conditions, with extended range, hard-hitting, knockdown power, checks all the boxes. After hundreds of miles and thousands of rounds logged chasing these pretty birds, the one and only, Winchester Super Pheasant has earned the shell loops in my old, worn out orange vest.

Super Diamond Grade Pheasant ammunition

Super Pheasant ammo brings the total package to the field. The shell box says it accurately, “deadly patterns and long-range power on the most challenging hunts.” Challenging can mean any day that delivers heat and dust, rain and wind, or freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions ... it’s all possible here in South Dakota. Super Pheasant also holds a consistent tight pattern that is crucial for the variety of shot types that can come about in the field. If it’s a 20-yard layup or a fast swing into a 50 yarder, this shell does the trick. If you like speed, Super Pheasant boasts a 1300 FPS velocity that allows for shorter leads and hopefully less misses! Which by the way, works well for people like me who can be a little quick on the trigger!

Feel free to thank me for doing the legwork in finding the perfect ammo for the famous rooster birds! Remember, there’s only one round to trust to get the job done. Get yourself some Winchester Super Pheasant. Then get yourself a good taxidermist. Good luck out there my friends. ROOOOOOSSSSTTTTERRRRRR!

Benny Spies
Benny Spies