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2021 NSCA Tour Championship Tour, Powered by Winchester

A Fall Classic once more gathered the greats of the shooting sports at the state-of-the-art National Shooting Complex, October 22-31.
2021 NSCA Tour Championship Tour, Powered by Winchester

There across 99 individual trap, skeet, sporting clays, and 5-stand ranges, thousands of shooters with a broad span of degrees of skill were drawn to compete for titles and thousands in prize money at the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Championship, Powered by Winchester, the culmination of the year’s-long tour.

NSCA Tour Championship Tour

Congratulations to the more than 2,200 competitors that attended this year’s national championship, including Team Winchester members who have performed exceptionally well all season.

Team Winchester 2021 NSCA National Championship Results:

  • Desirae Edmunds – Winchester Ladies Cup Third Place Overall, Ladies Champion, Super Sporting
  • Kayla Wilgus – Champion, AA Class 50 Bird Ladies Open
  • Connor Daniel – Runner-Up, NSCA Nationals Sub-Junior Main Event
  • Anthony Matarese – FITASC Champion
  • Zach Kienbaum – Runner-Up, NSCA Nationals Main Event and Runner-Up, 20 Gauge
  • Mike Wilgus – 5 Stand Champion

NSCA Tour Championship Tour

Our other Team Winchester shooters who represent the Winchester brand in shoots around the country and who participated in the National Championship are:

  • Theo Ribbs
  • Eric Harvey
  • Rollins Brown
  • Kemble DuPont
  • Frank Thompson

NSCA Tour Championship Tour

The 2021 Championship Tour spanned 7 regional events throughout the country, all featuring legendary Winchester® AA® shotshells, the choice of champions, with its groundbreaking and time-tested shot-protecting and felt-recoil-reducing AA® wad and high-strength extruded-plastic hull.  And now with AA® Diamond Grade, higher antimony, copper plated, harder, rounder shot, “dusted” birds are something fading in the rearview.

To learn more about all Team Winchester members, visit the Winchester Instagram  page.

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Winchester Ammunition
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