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The Model 42 Shotgun
The Model 42 Shotgun
Winchester Life 6:07 mins

The Model 42 Shotgun

Larry Sidener, a Winchester enthusiast who owns an impressive collection of Winchester memorabilia, opens up his Illinois home to Jason Gilbertson of Winchester. The duo discuss the relics that have built the reliable foundation of Winchester, including the classic Model 42 shotgun.

The Model 42 is a scaled down version of the Model 12 shotgun. 

Introduced in 1933, the Model 42 was originally chambered for 2 and 1/2 inch ammunition and later in 1939 for 3 inch ammunition. 

Winchester halted production of the Model 42 in 1963. Over 160,000 shotguns of this model were made.

The Model 42 Shotgun

Those who are dedicated to preserving the past of Winchester help strengthen the history. One such torch bearer is Larry Sidener, the proud owner of an impressive collection of Winchester memorabilia. He invites Jason Gilbertson of Winchester to his Illinois home to take a peek at the collection, including the iconic Model 42 shotgun.

Winchester: A tried and true name that represents much more than quality hunting and shooting products. It is an American symbol of a beloved past time. Every barrel boasts a story.


While the world gets swallowed up by easy and empty, Winchester remains deeply rooted in reliability. Loyalty. Trust. The Winchester way of life is built on timeless traditions cherished by generations of sportsmen.


It is this foundation of values—and the deeply instilled memories—that create communities such as the Winchester Arms Collectors Association (WACA).  Established in 1977, this nonprofit organization is dedicated to the collecting, understanding and preservation of Winchester firearms.


Over 2,000 individuals across the world are members of the WACA. Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, WACA hosts an annual show and meeting in July to provide an opportunity to award and encourage members.


The nonprofit also publishes a quarterly publication coined “The Winchester Collector.” Every issue includes feature articles focused on Winchester firearms collections and memorabilia. Members are welcome to contribute to the publication by sharing details about their favorite Winchesters.


By preserving the history and continuing the conservation of Winchester knowledge, this symbol can remain cemented as a cornerstone of the outdoors lifestyle for years to come.


Passion is the fuel. Winchester is the way.