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The Creek Beneath: South Dakota Part Four
The Creek Beneath: South Dakota Part Four
Winchester Life 8:01 mins

The Creek Beneath: South Dakota Part Four

The Keefer Brothers and Jason Brown look to end their Merriam’s turkey hunt in South Dakota on a high note. When the Winchester crew crosses paths with a flock of turkeys, the Long Beard XR doesn’t disappoint.

The wild turkey was the largest ground-nesting bird that the Europeans discovered when they first settled in North America.

Firearm Facts:
The SX3 Long Beard shotgun is built to give you every advantage, tactically and ergonomically. The adjustable comb and pistol grip are designed to give you a comfortable cheek weld, a comfortable grip, and an unobstructed trigger squeeze. The cantilever mount is attached to the barrel, ensuring that your Point of Impact doesn’t shift when you disassemble the gun for cleaning and lubrication.

Ammunition Facts:
The Long Beard XR ammunition features the famed Shot-Lok technology and delivers tighter patterns for greater lethal distance— in some cases 10 to 20 yards father than the standard turkey loads.

This episode was filmed in
The Grasslands of South Dakota
  • Species: Merriam’s Wild Turkey
  • Filmed: April 2017
  • Conditions: Sunny, 50 degrees F
  • Firearm: Winchester SX3 Long Beard Shotgun
  • Ammo: Winchester Long Beard XR
  • Caliber: 3 1/2
  • Kill Shot: 100 yards

The Creek Beneath: South Dakota Part Four

Time is winding down in South Dakota. The Keefer Brothers and Jason Brown spend their final day pursuing the showstopping Merriam’s turkeys. It’s been an unforgettable hunt so far, and the friends look to add to the memories—and the turkey count. When they cross paths with a flock of prairie-roaming gobblers, the crew is ready with Long Beard XR.

The Keefer Brothers and longtime friend Jason Brown made cherished memories while hunting Merriam’s wild turkeys in South Dakota. Though they traded the Midwest timbers for the golden prairies of the west, the crew never leaves home without Winchester. For good reason.


Reliability reaps rewards….With Winchester Ammunition’s innovative technologies, wild turkey hunters end their days afield with feathers in tow.


Winchester Long Beard XR is specifically designed for extreme lethality at longer ranges. When a dauntless tom struts toward a flock of hens, distance is no longer an issue. Thanks to Shot-Lok™ Technology, Long Beard XR ammunition is lethal from over 40 yards away, while achieving 10 percent greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 50 yards.


So how does Shot-Lok™ technology work? Shot-Lok™ technology employs a hardened resin that surrounds the pellets. The resin fills the spaces around the pellets, eliminating movement and maintaining the pellet’s shape. When the shell ignites, the resin fractures, protecting the shot during in-bore acceleration and creating a tighter, straighter shot for consistent takedowns.


When the birds are off their roost, you want to ensure your game is on. Winchester is not only ready when you are, but provides the precise tools to get the job done.


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