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The Best of the Rut
The Best of the Rut
Winchester Life 11:27 mins

The Best of the Rut

Windows of opportunity open wide and big bucks make unexpected moves during the rut season. Chris Keefer, Paul Sawyer and Pete Alfano relied on Winchester to take down impressive brutes across the Midwest and make memories along the way.

Interesting Facts:
Winchester Deer Season XP has a streamlined profile for flat trajectory and energy retention for maximum effectiveness against whitetail.

No other bolt-action in history can inspire the passion, command the loyalty or create a sense of excitement among dedicated marksmen like the Winchester Model 70. Since 1936, the Model 70 has been the benchmark against which every other bolt-action rifle is measured.

This episode was filmed in
Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Iowa
  • Species: Whitetail Deer
  • Filmed: December
  • Firearm: Winchester Model 70 Rifle
  • Ammo: Winchester Super X; Winchester Deer Season XP

The Best of The Rut

Chris Keefer, Paul Sawyer and Pete Alfano rely on Winchester Ammunition to take down impressive brutes across the Midwest and make memories along the way.


The rut. An instinct-driven, chaos-filled craze. The time of year when whitetail bucks have one thing on their mind, and one thing only. They seek a willing doe-in-estrus. The need propels them through the fields and forest with persistence.


Hunters know that where the does go, the bucks follow. The chase is endless….until the patriarch’s search is interrupted by a powerful shot coming from the throat of a trusted Winchester firearm.


Winchester Deer Season XP is designed to stop unsuspecting bucks in their tracks. This ammunition combines massive knockdown power with precision accuracy to craft a streamlined shot that hits the mark.  


Built specifically for deer hunting, hunters looking for antlers can rely on Deer Season XP for its delivery. The ammunition’s large diameter polymer tip accelerates bullet expansion for rapid trauma upon impact. The contoured jacket creates a tapered profile for quick expansion, while the alloyed lead core is optimum for energy transfer and high-power. Combining decades of experience and innovation, Winchester offers ammunition that deer hunters can rely on year after year.


That feeling….that adrenaline rush…that goal achieved…is what fuels the hunters forward. A fresh box of ammunition tailor-made for deer will give outdoorsmen not just a taste, but a binge of success after success. Return to hunt camp with something to show for it. The spent Winchester Deer Season XP shell will say it all.


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