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The Best of Big Game
The Best of Big Game
Winchester Life 13:32 mins

The Best of Big Game

In honor of big game season, Winchester Life revisits Casey Keefer’s quest across rocky peaks and valleys of the fabled bear hunter’s paradise, Vancouver Island. Nikki Boxler arrives to the quaint town of Quemado, New Mexico, to spend a bit of time with the locals, then heads out in stealthy pursuit of a large bull elk.

Interesting Facts:

  • Casey’s choice of ammunition for this black bear hunt is .270 WSM for its extreme knockdown power and exceptionally flat shooting ability down-range.
  • Winchester Expedition Big Game ammunition has a polymer tip that resists deformation, maximizing performance and promoting expansion.
  • Hunters and anglers support over 8,000 jobs in New Mexico and provide more than $267,000,000 in labor income.
This episode was filmed in
Vancouver Island and New Mexico
  • Species: Vancouver Island Black Bear and Rocky Mountain Elk
  • Filmed: June 2016 and October 2016
  • Firearm: Winchester Model 70 Rifle
  • Ammo: Expedition Big Game and Winchester Power Max Bonded
  • Caliber: 270 WSM and 270 WIN 150 Grain

The Best of Big Game

Big game hunting offers enticing challenges that outdoorsmen seek to conquer.

Across America, hunters have pursued wild game for decades with Winchester. They have made choices on the perfect caliber, bullet type, bullet weight … choices that have then been proven in the field, when the moment of truth presented itself. They have stepped out beyond their own backyards to find diverse backdrops and hunt thick-skinned, powerful, and challenging opponents.

Casey Keefer answered the call of the wild echoing from the valleys of Vancouver Island. Known as a predator’s paradise, the island’s thick timber provides a home for the mighty black bears. Vancouver Island Black Bears grow to be much larger and are darker in color than their mainland relatives. Year after year, a lucky few hunters have harvested some massive bears. The outfitters here target the mature giants: bears who have lived a long life with the battle scars and worn out teeth to prove it. This has allowed for an unmatched hunting experience that has continued through generations. Even for big game veteran Casey Keefer, it’s a truly unique hunting experience.

Casey’s trek through the British Columbia backwoods required logging road access to climb through the thick fog, rocky terrain and towering timber. There is no doubt that black bears rule this island, and it was only a matter of time before Casey met his match.   On the other side of North America, Nikki Boxler’s desire to experience a big game hunt of her own brought her to the town of Quemado, New Mexico. With resident elk expert and guide Ramone leading the way, Nikki quietly began her trek through the rocky terrain at daybreak in search of a giant bull elk.

As the duo positioned themselves above the valley, Nikki spotted a sure shooter: a giant Rocky Mountain bull. When the Golden Hour approached, the pressure mounted. Getting the Winchester in range was the easy part. The challenge is remaining undetected and patiently waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger.

Big game hunting requires preparation, patience and steadiness when the right shot presents itself. The Winchester Ballistics Calculator is just one resource on where hunters and shooters can learn more about the capabilities of their firearm and ammunition.