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Nikki Boxler Slams Turkey in New York
Nikki Boxler Slams Turkey in New York
Winchester Life 07:19 mins

Nikki Boxler Slams Turkey in New York

Nikki Boxler is itching to scratch the call and warm up her Winchester shotgun. When she crosses paths with an impressive tom, the Long Beard XR ammunition does exactly what it’s designed to do.

Interesting Facts:

  • The largest growing demographic of firearm owners is women.
  • Winchester Long Beard XR ammunition is designed to deliver tighter patterns at longer distances compared to standard lead loads.
This episode was filmed in
New York
  • Filmed: May 2017
  • Firearm: Winchester SXW Shotgun
  • Ammo: Winchester Long Beard XR


Nikki Boxler Slams Turkey in New York

Nikki Boxler gets a great start to turkey season – tagging out in her home state of New York with Winchester Long Beard XR turkey loads.

The signs are there: The snow has melted. The mercury is slowly—but surely—rising. The days are longer, the monthly calendar has flipped to April, and the faded brown grass is brightening back to green.

Yes. It’s time for spring turkey season.

Your Winchester firearm may go on turkey hunting hiatus during the long, cold winter, but that’s the beauty of spring…it always returns. The woods will echo with the familiar swagger of the show-stopping turkey tom and the reliable shot of a warmed-up Winchester.

Eager hunters across the country are excited to pursue the famed and fanned wild turkey. In the United States, there are over 2.7 million turkey hunters. The number continues to grow as more and more people partake in the hunt.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the largest growing segment of turkey hunters is women. The number of female turkey hunters has grown 21 percent in the last decade, according to the National Shooting Sports foundation.

Chapters of the National Wildlife Turkey Federation across the country host a Women in the Outdoors program. Founded in 1998, this program supports and connects female shooters and hunters alike. Women participate in numerous outdoor activities such as archery, hunting classes and shotgunning. They can build upon their community of fellow female hunters.

As Mother Nature continues to unveil the signs of spring, men and women will grab their Winchester Long Beard XR ammunition and get ready to make new memories.

Welcome back, spring.

Welcome back, turkey season.

Welcome back, hunters.

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