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Hog Wild: Part Two
Hog Wild: Part Two
Winchester Life 8:25 mins

Hog Wild: Part Two

The Winchester Life group spreads out across the H5 Trophy Ranch in Texas on a quest for wild hogs. After a morning mix of of waiting games and success stories, the comrades remain focused on taking another shot at the invasive swine.

Gabe Adair, Nikki Boxler and Casey Keefer took their first-ever wild hogs during the hunt at the H5 Trophy Ranch.

The H5 Trophy Ranch offers outdoorsmen a variety of game to pursue, including bison, blackbuck antelope and axis deer.

Ammo Facts:

  • Winchester Razor Boar XT Ammunition is the world’s first cartridge specifically designed for wild-hog hunting.
  • Made of solid gilding metal, this lead-free, beveled-profile, hollow-point bullet is built to rip through the thickest hog hide.
This episode was filmed in
Barksdale, Texas
  • Population: 1,081
  • Species: Wild Hog
  • Filmed: June 9-13
  • Conditions: Sunny and Clear
  • Firearm: Winchester .270 rifle (The Keefer Brothers, Nikki Boxler);  Winchester .308 rifle (Gabe Adair)
  • Ammo: Razor Boar XT
  • Caliber: 308 WIN 150 Grain
  • Kill Shot: 100 yards

Hog Wild: Part Two

The Keefer Brothers, Nikki Boxler and Gabe Adair continue their pursuit for wild hogs in Barksdale, Texas. Hunting helps halt the feral pigs, an invasive species that breeds quickly and destroys habitats. While on hog patrol at the H5 Trophy Ranch, the crew shares laughs and memories with Winchester.

The H5 Trophy Ranch in Barksdale, Texas, is dotted with an array of animals for hunters to stalk. Today, the Winchester Life crew continues their mission to hone in on hogs.


Gabe Adair secured the group’s first success with a hog down during the morning hunt. The Keefer Brothers and Nikki Boxler plan to continue the streak.


The group settles in for the afternoon sit. They are locked and loaded with Winchester Razor Boar XT ammunition, ammunition specifically designed for the hog’s tough hide.


Opportunities arrive at different times. While Casey Keefer’s afternoon starts off slow, Chris Keefer and Nikki double dip as they catch sight of multiple hogs.


The duo dials in on a pair of pigs.

They count down the shot.

The moment is here.


But when the time comes and the trigger is pulled, Chris realizes his excitement got the best of him. He has the right tools, but missed a crucial step: loading the gun. The opportunity isn’t entirely missed. Nikki’s shot lands, upping the group’s total hog count from one to two. It’s Nikki’s first Texas hog, and the crew celebrates the occasion together on the trail.


Casey’s patience for pigs pays off the next morning. When a group of wild hogs feast around a feeder, Casey seizes the moment. His Winchester .270 takes care of the rest.


Gabe, Nikki and Casey each enter the afternoon with a punched hog tag. The trip to the H5 Trophy Ranch is a memory maker, and the Winchester crew is just getting started.


Digging Deeper

The H5 Trophy Ranch is located in the southern-central part of Texas. This area has a rockier terrain and more hills in comparison to the northern Texas plains. Wild hogs cause destruction throughout the ranch’s 3,000 acres, invading natural animal habitats and preying on small mammals. Along with wild hogs, the ranch offers outdoorsmen the opportunity to stalk a variety of exotic game, including: bison, blackbuck antelope, red stag, axis deer and several breeds of wild sheep. No matter the game, Winchester handles every shot and delivers desired results.