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Double Up
Double Up
Winchester Life 6:00 mins

Double Up

The Keefer Brothers, Paul Sawyer, Nikki Boxler and Taylor Drury welcome Michigan’s wild turkey season with longtime friend Shad Woodruff. With one longbeard down during the morning hunt, the comrades team up for another outing.

Camouflage is especially crucial when it comes to turkey hunting. Why? Because turkeys have excellent vision. They see in color and have a 270 degree field of vision. Their sight is three times clearer than 20/20.

To ensure accurate aim, Winchester has created the Winchester Pattern Board patterning application to provide outdoorsmen with a precise picture of what their pattern will look like.

Firearm Facts:
The Super X3 blends the proven technology of our Active Valve™ gas system with updated features and distinctive styling to create a line of autoloaders that are ready for any hunting challenge.

Ammunition Facts:
Turkey hunters have trusted Double X by Winchester for decades. The copper-plated shot is protected by Grex buffering and hits hard, consistently dropping gobblers every year for tens of thousands of turkey hunters.

This episode was filmed in
A Michigan Farm
  • Species: Wild Turkey
  • Filmed: April 2016
  • Conditions: Clear / mid 40-50 degrees F
  • Firearm: Winchester Super X3 Shotgun
  • Ammo: Winchester Double X
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • Kill Shot: 20 yards

Double Up

Wild turkey season has arrived in Michigan. The Winchester Life crew is joining forces to trick turkeys into strutting into sight. After Paul Sawyer sets the tone by dropping a tom with Winchester Double X ammunition, the group looks ahead to the afternoon sit.

Catching sight of a gorgeous gobbler as it struts between the oak trees is a surefire way to get every turkey hunter’s blood pumping.


But before outdoorsmen take aim, preparation is paramount. Location and landscape are key variables that affect an approach. It is vital to take other hunters into consideration when hunting on land that is accessible to others, primarily public land. When transporting turkey decoys, for example, it’s important to keep the decoys covered. If another hunter is in sight, it is best to shout in a loud clear voice to make your presence known.


Some tactics can be more safe on private land, but should be avoided on public land. To sneak up on a flock of turkeys during the Michigan hunt, Chris Keefer held a turkey tail fan. The concealment strategy in this scenario was well thought out by the Winchester Life crew. They were familiar with this piece of private ground, keeping safety in mind at all times.


Safety is key. By taking precautionary steps, hunters can eliminate potential confusion and ensure safe tactics are utilized in every scenario.